Weather Station Status

This page shows the current status of the weather software and hardware used in the operation of this website.


  This website uses Cumulus MX (3.3.0-b3063)
  Cumulus MX running for 52 days 16 hours
  Station system running for 52 days 18 hours
  Cumulus memory usage 31.15 MB
  Last Cumulus MX error No errors reported

Davis Weather Station Information

  Davis firmware version 3.15
  Console battery voltage 4.74
  ISS battery condition 1-ok 2-ok 3-ok 4-ok 5-ok 6-ok 7-ok 8-ok
  Total number of packets received 8641
  Percentage of good packets 99.62%

Website Updates

Component Status Age
Latest update time as of
15/07/2020 10:30
Cumulus MX realtime Current 0:00:01 15/07/2020 10:30
Cumulus MX FTP Current 0:00:57 15/07/2020 10:29
Cumulus MX weather data Current 0:01:55 15/07/2020 10:29
WXSIM forecast Current 1:30:55 15/07/2020 09:00