Fire Danger Graphs

The following Fire Weather information is generated using data from the Waikawa Beach Weather Station.

Current Fire Weather Index

Fire Weather Danger - Last 30 Days

The red band in the graph below indicates the Fire Danger high extreme.
FWI (Fire Weather Index)
Information from the ISI and BUI is combined to provide a numerical rating of fire intensity - the Fire Weather Index. The FWI indicates the likely intensity of a fire. The FWI is divided into four fire danger classes: Low 0 - 7 Moderate 8 - 16 High l7 - 31 Extreme 32+

CBI (Chandler Burning Index)
The Chandler Burning Index is a Fire Rating System primarily used in North America. The Chandler Burning Index (CBI) uses the air temperature and relative humidity to calculate a numerical index of fire danger. That number is then equated to the Fire Danger severity of either extreme, very high, high, moderate, or low. It's based solely on weather conditions, with no adjustment for fuel moisture.